Happy Birthday Holly


This weekend just gone, Saturday 10th December 2016 it was Holly’s birthday, one years old. I’ve never had a pet where I’ve known the date of when they was actually born, always had rough date, but never the precise date. So it was nice to celebrate, however the weather was horrible on Saturday so no nice excursion for Holly, thankfully Sunday was better weather, and my partner was able to take her out for a long walk to the country park, they both enjoyed themselves, meeting other dogs, and being in more open spaces. That was her birthday treat, as well as the dog chew that’s in the first pic above, which she’s loving.

Fun facts about Holly, she’s all bark and no play, a lot of things scare her: plastic bags, tin foil (don’t ask, found that out recently when my partner was cooking, foil was involved and Holly added it to her scared list), things that fall, branches, and her own lead, as her lead had to be changed, as she kept chewing through her previous leads, so she now has chain lead that she doesn’t like, but it was getting very dangerous, being out and she’s destroyed her lead, yep not good. So chain lead it is.

Oh and Holly loves everybody, she wants to be fussed by everyone, and those who don’t she doesn’t get why, bless her.

Happy Birthday Holly xx

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Nails Inc Nails


Nail Polish: Nails Inc, Shade: Lexington Street.

This nail polish was from Glamour magazine, December 2016 issue, my partner thought I needed a pick me up at that time, a little treat, a welcome distraction. I almost wasn’t going to post this, because the application isn’t perfect on my nails, looks a tad messy, but you know what I wanted to review this. My hands naturally shake at times, so it was just one of those days that my hands was fairly shaky, but none the less my nails still looked lovely, even got compliments, which boosted ya girl.

Now onto the actual nail polish: When trying out new nail polish, I like to test it out, on it’s own, no base or top coat, I know living on the edge, haha. It took two coats for complete coverage. How long did it last until chipping started, and for me I can just breath on my nails and they can chip so I am always apprehensive. With this it held itself well, didn’t chip until the third day. So it gets my approval.

I know it’s December and you thinking about gifts, food etc, however I am still looking for donations for me to get new wheelchair. When I say I miss having a wheelchair, just simple things like going to my GP’s is now more challenging, not every bus stop has seats, so standing waiting is a bitch. My routes (journeys) has become even more harder, the only upside is it’s winter so it’s not like I could be outdoors too long, but doesn’t mean you guys can slack on me, any amount truly be grateful, and closer to my goal. Please check out my Gofundme page, click here. Also have it on my sidebar, can click on there too if you want, takes you straight there. Donate, share the link, everything helps. x

Bargain Haul


It’s that time of the year, getting ready for December, and being festive. What more fitting than santa jug/jars, that has become my everyday drink to put in. Guess where it’s from, any guesses, if you shop there, you will already know, it’s from the Pound shop. Just because it’s bought from there, mean it be crap, nope.

Second picture all items bought from WHSmith, everything cost 50p besides the card game. I know you looking at this haul thinking this must be for a child, nope, all for me. The badges are characters from a film, if you not seen the movie ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ you need to see it, it’s just how I imagine my pets are in real life if they could talk, but I also like to do voices for my pets like what they could be thinking etc, my own imaginary world, bit of comedy, so don’t know why I wasn’t contacted for the making of the this film, haha. Scotch tape because I like using it for my penpal letters, my journal and it’s just handy to have. If you new to my blog, I love love Hello Kitty so that doesn’t even need explanation, and musical card game where you have to guess the name of the song and the artist by the abstracts on each card, pre warn you it’s hard game, partner and I played it, we was lost half the time, ended up making our own stuff up for giggles. This game be good for big group, different knowledges of music.

Before I end the blog post please don’t forget to check out my Gofundme click here. Also the Gofundme logo is on the sidebar that can take you straight there. I am raising money for new wheelchair, any amount you can donate, share my Gofundme link, hugely grateful.   xx

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In My Feelings


Abstract pic using photo of my dog’s eyes.

When you suffer with chronic illnesses, and mental health you always trying to balance the two, pain management with chronic pains, dealing with the endless hospital appointments, doctors appointment, nurses appointments, doing exercises that you can manage, trying to stay up beat even when every fibre in you is like no. I know things could be worse which I’m always grateful for, trust me I know.

However if you someone like me that gets a lot of nagging thoughts, if you suffer with anxiety you know what I am going on about. I get this wave of thoughts that just sticks there, recently it’s social media and YouTube, two things I love, I know it’s like what…. I am campaigning to raise money for a new wheelchair on Gofundme, click here . And it’s huge challenge, so often I feel defeated, the little energy I have I try and put it out there of my Gofundme page. But when I go social media and see big bloggers with designer handbags, I think just cost of one of those bags could pay for new wheelchair, companies send out big bloggers/youtubers on free trips, I think cost of one person could pay for a wheelchair, the masses of make up/ skin treatment thats given away everyday to bloggers, could pay for a wheelchair, and I hate that I see things in this light, but it’s how I feel. When I am sending out emails to charities getting no luck, even none charities, at least I am trying. But please do not think I am knocking the bloggers/youtubers as I happy for people, it’s great seeing success stories, people doing what they love, it’s amazing, plus I like reading reviews, being noisy, haha. And I too, once awhile will be sent something, not in masses, but something. So this isn’t to bash people or make people feel uncomfortable that isn’t my aim.

But please if you have the platform to help someone, it doesn’t hurt to help, and I’ve appreciated everyone that has been retweeting my Gofundme, sharing it, all love, I see it all, lets keep this ball rolling.

Date Outfit Of The Day


Mustard dress: from birthday present from my sister this year, leggings: old, shoes: Primark (couple years ago), bag: vintage shop, only £1, scarf: this was given to me when I was inpatient at hospital, gifted to me from lady who was in same ward as me, after many years still with me, wherever that lady is hope she is doing ok (as sadly we lost contact), socks: Tiger, Disney (very old), nails: Revlon, matte, shade Ruby Ribbon.

This was special occasion as my partner and I was celebrating our anniversary couple weeks ago, so made an effort to look nice, sorry I’m not doing modelling poses but best I had at the time, as I was super hungry and achey. As it’s cold, had to make sure my legs was covered, why not team it up with subtle flowery pattern leggings.

Update with the cinema, contacted VUE if you have no idea what I’m on about, it’s in my previous blog post click here for more understanding. VUE cinema has since apologised, as did make me feel crap, so I’m glad took notice and investigated.

Please don’t forget to click on my Gofundme, have logo on the sidebar can click on as well, donate a penny, a pound, any tribute be great, bring me closer to my goal in buying a new wheelchair. Thank you x

Also because of the time of this blog post coming out, just want to send love to my cousins, and my Dad, as my Uncle passed away.

R.I.P Uncle Clinton, don’t worry we keep the cheeky grin going 😉 xx

Rant: Being In Invisible In The Cinema


Before you say what’s with the dodgy drawing Lucy, A. Not drawn in long time B. My hands shake after awhile, also as I am suffering with extra pains on top of my norm, which is currently under investigation so my skills isn’t up to par. Now onto the actual blog post, My partner and I was out yesterday for a date, went to my local VUE cinema to go see horror film as we both love a bit of horror. We get to the concession stands now, ready to buy a ticket, I have my crutch, granted I can’t stand long so already face first joy, thinking it be quick as there was a lot of staff on, yes it’s half term so extra busy with families, and teenagers, however my partner and I are in front of the queue ready to be served. Why is it everybody passed us to go get their tickets, I MEAN EVERYBODY, even said to one lady excuse me we in the line and STILL passed us to go get a ticket. I can’t move fast so getting to the further concessions wasn’t possible for us, none of the staff actually stopped a person and welcomed us to their concession, could see I was struggling yet done nothing, with ALL that staff, actual families barged passed us, they was quick, so couldn’t even stop them. Did my crutch not give a clue I am bloody disabled, oh sorry, forgot young people are not disabled, daily thing I face. Oh gets better nobody was there to unlock the lift so could take the lift up to the screening, so escalators it was then, but for me I can sometimes lose my balance so leaned on my partner for support. And thankfully I had my radar key so was able to access the disabled toilet, as there was NO STAFF about if I did needed the loo as it was near the screening which was a different floor from the concessions, which ALL the staff was, being useful, haha.

The funny thing is just the planning to go to the cinema, thinking of my journey, how to get there and back, ways that doesn’t involve a lot of walking, because I don’t have the comfort of my wheelchair, I have to use my backup energy making sure I remain safe. So yes going to cinema, I look forward to it, not only a treat but it’s an excursion. So when I enter cinema, and feel completely shit, guess what puts me off, thankfully once my partner calmed down, he comforted me well more like Lucy fuck it, don’t let it ruin our date, don’t give them the power, don’t feed into it, let it go. And yes did’t ruin our date. But I do want to let people know I AM NOT INVISIBLE, by default my partner became invisible because he was with me. Just know being disabled is ALL AGES, it isn’t a race, or a gender, doesn’t come in a neat package. And as long as I am on this Earth I am going to keep talking about invisible diseases, mental health and not being afraid to speak out about it.

Not invisible…..

PS- Please don’t forget to click on the gofundme logo on the side, help me raise money to buy a new wheelchair, donate, share, tweet, support, much appreciated. xx

Nails Of The Day: Ciate London


I was thinking to myself when was the last time my lovely chubby fingers been on the blog, showcasing my hand modelling, haha, on the blog. As I’ve not actually bought any nail polish recently, and technically  I haven’t as this nail polish came with Marie Claire October issue magazine, and who doesn’t love a good freebie. Being a lover of nail polish, but also being a pauper Ciate London was nail varnish I could never afford, so when my partner told me about what’s with the magazine, I was like snap it up, quick.

On my nails is Ciate London, shade Prima Ballerina.

Applying: First coat very watery. Second coat there was gaps, where you could see through the shade. Third coat complete coverage, so took it some time for full coverage, however the colour was lovely light grey colour, which received compliments, so gave me little boost.

Results: How long did the nail polish last for, until chipping, well not until the fourth day did I see chipping,  even then only bit of chipping, for me that’s huge deal, I can be just sitting there doing nothing it can chip, I didn’t put no top coat as wanted test the nail polish properly, no cheats. So gained me back as wasn’t feeling the fact had to put 3 coats for full coverage, however the fact it lasted that long, gained points back.

PS- Please don’t forget to click on my  Gofundme, have the logo on my sidebar you can also click on, as I am raising money for new wheelchair, help in any way you can, fully appreciated. x