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Tips And Guidelines For FND. Learnt From Neuro Rehab For FNS.

You may know I was in hospital earlier this summer, I spoke about my highlights in hospital click hereΒ and the reason why I was inpatient I explained briefly click here in a post. Now that I have completed the four weeks of Multi Disciplinary Team Inpatient Rehabilitation Programme for Functional Neurological Symptoms, been back home … Continue reading Tips And Guidelines For FND. Learnt From Neuro Rehab For FNS.

My Plaid Day Out (Outfit)

Here we are again, this time we stepped it up a gear, with the outfit post. Had my partner Β use his Nikon DSLR to take outfit pics. With the busy year I've had so far not all great sadly, using the DSLR has taken back seat unfortunately, that and it's been in storage. And when … Continue reading My Plaid Day Out (Outfit)

Outfit Post With My Head Crown

I cannot believe I forgot about these pics, had it planned out, and it went right out my head, literally. Then like light bulb ping, you haven't posted this outfit. Here I am. You may notice the Happy Birthday headband, yep this was from my birthday celebration part two, you can read all about my … Continue reading Outfit Post With My Head Crown

Hospital Appointments- Cardio (Heart) Tests.

I'm changing it up a little, as did promise early this year, that I'll bring you with me to my hospital appointments, however due to moving twice and having so many appointments, couldn't keep up. So now things are not so chaotic, I can actually bring you along, or at least give you summary of … Continue reading Hospital Appointments- Cardio (Heart) Tests.

Birthday Highlights 2017

Yes I know my birthday was in July, and I'm talking about it in August, I am just keeping the memories alive, haha. So what did I do exactly, well..... On my actual birthday, partner and I went to Central London, and went SHOPPING!!!! I know you must be thinking, is that it, that's nothing … Continue reading Birthday Highlights 2017

Birthday Outfit Of The Day/Night

It was my birthday on the 20th July, I turned 21 again, ok maybe not, as that's a far fetch, more like 32. Have been told recently I look 35 which I thought, cheers, actually said older at first, have had older sometimes, some guess right, some guess younger, so can't really say oh yes … Continue reading Birthday Outfit Of The Day/Night