Dream Date Attire

20160127-DSC_4789pantone colour of the year 2016 copy

Who doesn’t love a good tuxedo on a man, dream attire for special date. I am somebody who has never seen my partner in suit sadly, as I’ve missed the occasions his been in a suit, the very rare times. However if we had fancy date I would love to see him in peaked lapel tuxedo or velvet jacket tuxedo be my ideal attire with bow tie. I like that this year Pantone colour of the year is rose quartz and serenity blending two colours, which so happens to be colours I love, seeing a man be adventurous and bring colour to an outfit, gets my attention, hope my partner reads this, take some notes. Elegance, suave, gentleman; that’s what a tuxedo should exude on a man.

PS-I am not fashion illustrator, as I know technical way of drawing the outfits, however this is my way of drawing, I am rebel.


And head over to The Black Tux to see the tuxedo rentals in their full glory. Yes of course your girl has been eyeing tuxedos like we getting married any time soon aka within a year, nope going too be some time. Meanwhile that dream date can still be possible, put it out there in the universe.

What would be you’re dream attire be for a date with ‘the one’?


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