Happy New Year 


Well well didn’t 2015 go fast, I’m glad it’s new year if I am honest not that last year was the worse, as got benefits of learning how to cope more with my seizures, and honestly trying to break the barrier of fear/anxiety if I have seizure in public, as I’ve had so many bad experiences making me feel like a freak, it stuck with me. But you know what yes I suffer with non epileptic seizures and its learning curve for me. No resolutions as I set lists for myself on regular basis which are ongoing. If you have done New Year Resolution feel free to link me you’re post and I have a look, you know I’m nosey, if you new to my blog welcome and yes I’m nosey, haha.

Happy New Year To Everyone 

PS Excuse the chopped part of Happy on my banner, I used an app to draw this by hand, I’m still learning how to use it. 


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