Unboxing JORD Woodwatch

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I was approached to review woodwatch, I know when you think of watches you think of the standard gold-plated affairs, but not here, JORD watches are beautifully crafted bespoke wooden watches. I chose theΒ Ely cherry watch due to the reddish colour tone and its clean design. When the package arrived my heart skipped a beat upon seeing the gorgeous bespoke wooden box, sliding it open I was met with bubblewrap (everyone’s favourite stress reliever). The first thing that struck me was how light the watch feels, but still very sturdy, the clasp is a double-lock to easily fit over your hand before securing. The watchface is very clean and easy-to-read, all-in-all for an initial unboxing I was very impressed with the style and quality of the watch and its packaging which wouldn’t look out of place on your mantelpiece.

There will be more updates to come with outfit-of-the-day posts.

Thank you to my partner for taking the photographs.

Wood Watches For Women


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