Doggy Treats

20150728-DSC_3243 20150728-DSC_3249 20150728-DSC_3247

Couldn’t resist blogging about this, as it’s so cute. I know dog treats have changed over the years, more treats looking like human food, but when you have dog you see yourself actually looking around like it’s supermarket, when really you at pets store. My partner saw these doggy muffins and had to buy them, he does love spoiling pets, I got treat too but not dog treat of course, now that be woof woof, hehe. I know it’s bad joke but it made me laugh as typed it. Needless to say the treats was eaten in seconds, mine took bit longer to eat, once again not the dog muffin, human food. The dog treats trio mini woofins were bought from Pets At Home store.

What kind of treats do you buy/make for your pets, or for the stray cat that comes to you daily?


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