We All Love A Nap


We all love A bit of napping especially for those like myself who suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome, which often gets mistaken for being lazy, oh you need a nap any excuse to be in bed, no….. I’m sure many can relate to that. For me I love having naps with my pets, even like the pic above when my doggy napping beside my bed, I did have hello kitty mat there which he likes to lay on but vomited on it, so for now it’s towel and my Minnie & Mickey heart pillow, so he has something soft to lay on when near my bed, as his bed is kept somewhere else in the flat, which you can hear him snoring away like an old man, it is cute, sometimes inappropriate when trying to relax though, as sometimes he barks in his sleep, does make me wonder what does he dream about, I wish could ask be like Dr Doolittle just for little while. But any way who fancies a nap now, ay, all that talk about sleep, only I could turn blog post into discussion of napping. Hey my nickname is Loopy for a reason.

Nap anyone?!


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