Courtesy of my partner taking this picture for me, capturing how I am feeling today, have been disoriented this whole day (if I’m coming or going). From the point of calling my carer wrong name, to not even remembering she had come this morning, to not knowing my own pets. Feeling extremely confused, frustrated even more quicker, having the oddest conversation, migraine playing havoc with my head, other pains that shouldn’t be having, that continues to be unexplained, then of course my fibromyalgia pains. And this dummy here run out of certain meds today, so just added to my wonderful day today, so will have to wait until next week as my doctor failed to sort it out, also missed hospital appointment had today as just too unwell. To be honest if didn’t have my partner feeling in the gaps today I would of been in trouble. It’s good to have good people around you, and understanding carer. Even though struggling to make this blog post coherent, I wanted to do this, as even now I’m disoriented but hope this makes some kind of sense, and the picture is good representation. Do you ever feel like that? Have days that can be just a blur, not talking about when you’ve been intoxicated, oh those days of the past, my student days, haha.


12 thoughts on “Disoriented

  1. Oh yes, many days and weeks have I passed in total confusion and I was constantly forgetting to re-order meds that my Mum has taken on that extra duty. I’ve been starting to get migraines again. I had them really bad in my teens but haven’t had any for years but the last year they have been back with a vengeance – is it a fibro thing? Hope your feeling a little clearer today? You wrote fine considering your disorientation, I find that when everything else is a mess with all the pain-and-all I find that writing is the only thing that I can sort of do and still make some sense even when I’m unable to speak I can write a little – does that relate to you at all? x

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    1. Omg totally relate, when I was teen get really bad headaches, come to find out certain drinks and food would set off my headache, also heat. But it became less as got older, then bam in my 20’s migraines, sadly it runs through the family. Thanks I was worried it be gibberish lol. Don’t get me started on meds I am the worse for forgetting to top up, tried doing a list didn’t work… Thankfully my pharmacy knows me (not in friend way just cause all my meds come from there on regular), so my meds can be fast track it sometimes. How you doing today?x

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      1. It went really well thanks, she is the same age as me and we have mutual friends so it is great to have things in common. I’m having a different carer come on a different day so I hope she is just as nice!

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