Tate Britain Outfit Of The Day

Screenshot_2015-04-23-11-34-19 (2)

Screenshot_2015-04-23-11-34-09 (2)

Screenshot_2015-04-23-11-34-28 (2)

Do I pass as part of the art piece?!
Do I pass as part of the art piece?!

Last week on lovely sunny day, my best friend took me out for the day, wanted to do this blog post sooner, as you know by now always something going on with me, this time allergies as it’s that time of year and doesn’t mix well with my asthma amongst everything else. Now that have the right meds for it, should ease down now, finally have my voice back without sounding like Marge as my carer said that’s who I sounded, which we both laughed about. Any who back to this blog post, I was feeling myself that day won’t lie. Make up, big hair, well just my thick hair, sporting prints, emojis, floral dress turned into kimono, which was purchased on our way to Tate Britain, lovely charity shop. Style isn’t just for the thin big but for the disabled too and make the wheelchair be incorporated. I will be pimping my wheelchair and will be doing blog posts on how can jazz up your wheelchair, make it your own. Oh should mention I still use crutch however for longer periods out or having really bad day pain wise, it has become so handy. I did have lovely day looking in charity shops however mainly going Tate Britain, I was in my zen.

While enjoying my day out, All Walks Beyond The CatwalkΒ was taking pictures of me, the above pics was taken from their instagram, what I like about All Walks it’s about diversity. My personal mission I think brands do need to incorporate disabled bloggers, and I am going to keep championing it. Even if it’s just me.

Almost forgot to add my emoji’s top is from Primark, so is my bag. Trousers: TK Maxx.


2 thoughts on “Tate Britain Outfit Of The Day

  1. so pretty! i LOVE your luggage πŸ™‚ i’m also really impressed with how you mix prints! ❀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    Liked by 1 person

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