The Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum

One of the places we visited whilst in Eastbourne was The redoubt fortress & military museum, which so happened to have a Roman historical event for the day that included period costumes and a gladiatorial re-enactment.
The museum itself is a sprawling lesson of the fortress’ 200 year history from the Napoleonic era to World War II, beautifully set hallways with offset rooms filled with treasures from officer uniforms to medals, swords and paintings. There’s a lot to learn for young and old, many interactions for children such as places to let their creativity shine with chalk and whiteboards to interactive areas such as phones with actual recordings of shellfire of the world wars. The top of the fortress provides amazing views of Eastbourne’s beach and a perfect place to see the centre of the fortress which on our particular day included a Roman re-enactment which was fun to watch while also being informative. All-in-all the fortress is a must-see for anyone visiting Eastbourne so while down set a couple of hours aside and take a look for yourselves.


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