Portrait Of Life

Living with chronic illnesses is draining mentally and physically. Often wishing I could just switch it off, have peace. I can’t remember last time I’ve been to social event. That’s why I can’t exactly blog about events or social things as truth be told I don’t go out. So I concentrate on what I can do, my little platform of creativity.

Hope you like my little photography, and I finally have camera to play around with as you can see, an old camera that was given to me but still in good working condition so yay.

PS- Note I am not fishing for oh poor you, just you to enjoy the pics. xx


2 thoughts on “Portrait Of Life

  1. I am sorry and I know how you feel. Try not to think so much and look for ways you can simply escape your mind and thoughts. You do not have to go out to do that. It is always easier to face fear if you trust in God.


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