Autumnal Pleasures

Jacket: Mums
Top: Mums
Jeans: TK Maxx
Boots: Barretts
Handbag: TK Maxx
Nails: Rimmel Pro Celebrity Bash
Rose Ring:Β Beauty Becca
Sorry not blogged for a bit, life has been more tough than usual lately, once again, pause and take deep breath.. Now back to this post, this outfit I wore for day out shopping and cinema. Luckily the sun was out and took full advantage to enjoy my surroundings. Loughborough is town that holds special part of my heart (not telling you why, that’s a secret), it’s student town so full of young people, which can make you feel old…

Shopping wise bought couple of bits, cinema saw ‘Looper’ I won’t bore you with my review of it.
And yes those are legs in the background, just your random statues, strutting legs in the park..


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